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About Meat N More

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Our Journey in Meat began decades ago, on the banks of lush green pastures across diverse continents including Australia, India, Pakistan and Africa. Bringing the grass and grain fed meat of highest quality, cut to your choice, right to your table has been our teams driving motto.

At Meat n More we are dedicated to the concept of eating quality rather than quantity and found that our love for food has led us on a fascinating journey into the kitchens of our customers. Not only are our butchers highly trained and skillful professionals but they also provide qualified suggestions on a one on one basis of the best cuts be it for a bbq, steak dinner, briyani or traditional  curry.

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What We Do

Meat n More is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality fresh-meat and poultry available in the UAE market. Our specialist procuring crew ensure that all our meat is prime grade and hormone free, air flown 365 days directly to our shelves. Our commitment to quality for customers is an everyday ethos throughout our chain of butcheries.

Our enthusiasm for top-quality can be tasted from the finest cuts of meat, handcrafted burgers and handmade sausages. From the very beginning, we built an everyday philosophy – encouraging every employee at the Meat n More family to do the best, with everything they can offer.

Meat and More are connoisseurs of meat. Our passion for meat has met its innovative flair in hand crafted tender chops, juicy racks, perfect steaks and secretly spiced kebabs.

As meaters we are at our best. Our sausages are made fresh to include the very best of lean trimmings, they are our specialty every day of the week.  Tickle your taste buds at our family butchery by trying our infamous burger bombs, prime cut steaks and tenderloin, ready to sizzle chops, farm fresh chicken thighs and free-range lamb racks.

Looking for the perfect cut? The place to be is  Meat n More. Come home to where our butchers care about what you need.